About our Ministry

Jesus Every Day Ministries is lead by Jed Snyder, long time pastor, counselor, teacher, writer and missions enthusiast.

Jed has led churches for over thirty years, has counseled many people some of whom were seriously wounded inwardly, has traveled on short term missions trips, teaching and encouraging local people as well as the missionaries and other teachers.

Having grown up as a missionary “kid” in Bolivia, he experienced cross-cultural life gaining a deep appreciation for differences while learning to accept the people as having similar spiritual and emotional needs as his own.  As a husband, father and grandfather he has been able to contribute while continually learning.  God has given him a passion to share His Word with others personally, in small groups and from many different pulpits.


The mission of Jesus Every Day Ministries, Inc. (J.E.D. Ministries) is to promote the Christian faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ by activities including but not limited to preaching, teaching, providing pastoral counseling, ministering to the spiritually lost and needy, providing worship activities and the creation and distribution of Christian materials.

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Would you like to know how to be saved and go to heaven? 

What Kind Of Tongue Do You Have? - Johnny Hunton

The following little poem expresses the desires of Jesus Every Day Ministries, Inc.

So Send I You - Margaret Clarkson

So send I you to labour unrewarded
To serve unpaid, unloved, unsought, unknown
To bear rebuke, to suffer scorn and scoffing
So send I you to toil for Me alone

So send I you to bind the bruised and broken
Over wandering souls to work, to weep, to wake
To bear the burdens of a world a-weary
So send I you to suffer for My sake

So send I you to loneliness and longing
With heart a-hungering for the loved and known
Forsaking kin and kindred, friend and dear one
So send I you to know My love alone

So send I you to leave your life's ambition
To die to dear desire, self-will resign
To labour long, and love where men revile you
So send I you to lose your life in Mine

So send I you to hearts made hard by hatred
To eyes made blind because they will not see
To spend, though it be blood to spend and spare not
So send I you to taste of Calvary

"As the Father hath sent me, so send I you"

Can You Help?

We want to make a comprehensive list of service agencies (especially Christian ones) in the Midlands of South Carolina. Will you email me contact information so I can get in touch with such organizations? I have a questionnaire to send them to evaluate their trustworthiness for being listed.

Dr. Jed Snyder
Please use jsnyder@jedministries.com to email us.

Things Displeasing to God

by Johnny Hunton

I have given a study from Matthew regarding the things pleasing to god from Matthew. Here is a list of things that displease God.


What is Failure?

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be." - John Wooden

For those who may not know, John Wooden was one of the most successful basketball coaches in university history. He knew about change. He coached hundreds of ball players to change so they could function better both personally and for the team.


How should I witness to my coworkers?

When we interact with people on a daily basis, we have many opportunities for sharing our faith. First, be sure you are respectful to your employer and set a good example in your work ethic by working “as to the Lord” (Col. 3:23). When others around you grumble and complain, if you have a calm, forgiving, steadfast spirit, it will make an impression. As you respond in a Christ-like way to angry coworkers and stressful circumstances, people will see a difference in your life.

If your boss forbids it, don’t witness on work time. Instead, keep a pile of Million Dollar Bills or some other tract on your desk but don’t give them out. If someone asks for one, let them take it. Displaying a favorite Scripture or a devotional calendar, or quietly reading your Bible during lunchtime, may prompt others to inquire about your faith.

To not infringe on your employer’s time, invite unsaved coworkers out to lunch (not the opposite sex) and witness to them there. Just ask for their thoughts on what happens after death. That will let you know if they are open to the gospel. If you detect contention, apologize and instead use closet prayer. Make a list of workers and uphold them before God, asking for divine openings.

In the meantime, let your love shine. Always be friendly and courteous, and show genuine interest in your coworkers’ lives. Share their joys and sorrows by congratulating them in their good times and offering to pray for them in their bad times. Be sure you do pray for them, then follow up by asking them about the situation you prayed for. They will be moved by your concern. If coworkers are discussing what they did during the previous weekend, you can share your excitement about attending church services or a special church event. Ask about their plans for celebrating Christmas or Easter; be nonjudgmental of their answer, and be ready to explain why you celebrate as you do.

Bringing home-baked goods or leaving a small gift with a note on a coworker’s desk can sometimes have a greater impact than a thousand eloquent sermons. We can show our faith by our works. Others may not like a tree of righteousness, but they cannot help but like its fruit.

For this is the will of God, that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men. 1 Peter 2:15

Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

Free Items

  • The Story of Jesus (for adults and children)
  • Magadelena – The Story of Joy for a Woman In Need
  • Damascus – The story of the Conversion of Saul of Tarsus Who Became Paul, the Aspostle.

If you can make a gift to help defray the cost of these, please send any amount that you can and we will mail you the DVD. If the mailing is outside the USA, we may need to request your help with shipping costs.

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Ministry Update - Widely Scattered, But Same Work

Ken and Lilia Rose work in the Philippines. Noreen Corey works in Equatorial Guinea on the continent of Africa and Jed and Betty work in the United States on the continent of North America. It is a great source of encouragement to know that your prayers are touching such widely scattered areas of the world. Your financial gifts help to keep us all giving out the same glorious message; Jesus Christ, God the Son, is “the way, the truth, and the life.” All who trust him as Savior will one day be united in heaven enjoying him, the other saints, and the angelic host forever.

Ken has written of their own situation describing the need for tires for their multi-purpose vehicle so vital to carrying people and supplies. He has additionally described the need for roofing for their home in addition to the usual needs for their growing young children of school supplies, clothing and health care. Please ask our gracious Father in heaven to provide these needs in ways that will help the Rose family and bring glory to Christ among the people.

Noreen has written of the needs of the deaf children in her school. She has mentioned the need for qualified, Christian staff to serve as instructors and other care givers. All of these people require the same things that each of us needs, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and the less obvious, but equally important concerns of spiritual and emotional support.

Thank you for helping these precious servants of Jesus Christ as you also help Betty and me in our efforts to serve others as we seek to serve our Lord. The Interim Pastoral work at Augusta Street Church in West Columbia seems to be progressing well. Pray, please that the Lord will fill and empower me and all who teach and lead. Also uphold the outreach efforts being made to grow the church family numerically. The teaching in the Central Midlands Transitional Retreat for homeless veterans also is a challenge that appears to be bearing fruit. The weekly men’s Bible study is a very precious time of sharing and learn for each of us men who attend. My book publishing agent requests prayer as she seeks publishers for me and for other authors whom she represents. I also am writing an inspirational column that is offered for publication in several places on a weekly basis.

God is at work and you are part of it. Your gifts are a very sweet offering to God for us.

What a Great Impression

Dr. Jed N. Snyder, Pastor, Augusta Street Church, West Columbia

President, Jesus Every Day Minisitries

Impressions that people make often are the setting for our acceptance, or not acceptance, of what they are saying. In our current USA political climate, most of us, I believe, have not had a good impression of any of the political presidential candidates. Being obnoxious is the impression from one. Being dishonest is the impression from another. Being out of touch is the impression of a third.

It would be wonderful if we could have a leader, not a political leader as we understand such today, from whom we can obtain a good impression, or even a great one. Fortunately, this is what we get when we remember the earthly life of Jesus Christ.

When Jesus showed his compassion and power by helping hurting people, he was attacked as doing so by the evil power of Satan. His brilliant response was that when a “house” or family or political party is divided against itself, it will not stand. Additionally, he observed that many leaders are more concerned about their outward appearance than about what is inside. This reminds me of those silly communities that whitewashed the facades of the buildings along the route where a leader would travel. Such hypocrisy seems popular today.

Here is how the Bible speaks of these folk: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous to others, but within you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness. Matthew 23:27-28

It is difficult to evaluate your own impression. A spouse or close friend is likely to be more objective than you yourself. May each of us give consideration to our impressions. We will be happier if we do.

Greetings from the Bohol - July 2017

Thank you for your continued prayer. Our family has had quite an adventure in the last several months.
We have been working on a lot of new programs and outreaches in cooperation with other churches.
James just finished a short holiday with us before returning to Manila to continue studying Electronics Engineering at Mapua. His laptop hard drive crashed and he lost all his data and it was quite a drama to get the old laptop going again with a new hard drive during the first week of classes. He is still looking at options on how to recover data from a formatted hard drive. A local repair store has quoted more than $400 to recover his lost files. I think we can download some free programs that can do the job.
Daniel is now studying 9th grade in Australia. He is staying with his grandma LaRaine in Bendigo. This is the first time he has ever been to Australia so it is quite an experience for him.
On May 11 while doing some major repairs to our roof I fell and broke 4 ribs. I spent a week in the Ubay hospital while they drained blood from the chest cavity to help me breathe. I celebrated my 49th birthday in the hospital. I am recovering well. I still cannot lift heavy things and do not ride the motorbikes. As we rely mostly on motorbikes for our transportation we have had to use our van and other options a lot more. It has been raining a lot so I need to use 4WD to get home.
2 weeks ago, there was an earthquake on the island of Leyte where the geothermal power plants are located that power our island. This is also the same area that was devastated during the typhoon in 2013. The power stations are damaged and could take many months to repair. We have just started receiving some power that has been shared from other areas for several hours each day on a rotational schedule. I bought a battery for our old generator and got it going again. We have been using the generator for a few hours every few days to wash clothes, do important computer work, communications and pump water from our well to our water tank. Yesterday the power was on in the day and out at night. It has been on today so it will probably cut off soon.
Lilia and I just finished translating a small booklet for Bio-organic Farming that we use as part of an evangelistic program we have been doing with local farmers. We teach evangelistic and spiritual growth sessions each week and teach practical farming techniques.

Thank you for your constant prayers,
Ken, Lilia, James, Daniel, and Timothy Rose

Ken and Lilia Rose
www.talibon.com Internet Cafe
Evangelista St.
Poblacion, Talibon
Bohol Philippines 6325
Phone +63 919 694 5525

US Address C.O.
Jed Snyder
P.O. Box 4332
Irmo, SC 29063


Noreen Corey's Update

JULY 2016
Dear Family and Friends
Greetings from New York. It is great to be home for a break again this summer. The school year ended with exam week, a road trip to the beach and report card day. The students are progressing in their studies and skill levels, and we continue to instill Godly values and God's truth(s) into their hearts and lives. One mother visited on a day that we had a missionary from Mexico to do a Bible teaching with the kids and later, he met with her privately and she accepted Christ as her personal Savior. Please pray that she will seek God with her whole heart and grow in the faith.

We have met new little ones that we hope will enroll next year. Also, we will try to get back students that were not able to enroll this past school year. It would be great if we could register at least 60 students.

In terms of finances, I cannot count on local donations in Equatorial Guinea; so as Jed mentioned I really need to boost my monthly support. I have begun to contact Deaf communities/churches in the greater Syracuse area to see if I can present the work being done in E.G. while I am stateside. Also, have asked a few churches to collect school materials and supplies for us to decrease my spending for summer inventory to be shipped back to Africa in September. The GoFundMe account that my home church put up has raised $900.00 to date. A friend on the West coast is going to post on another fund raising site at the end of the summer. Praying that the Lord will touch more individuals to give on a monthly schedule.

A local official in Bata has promised us the use of a second bus, since ours is full. He has also said that he would assist us fiancially and help us get noticed in the community. We are praying that he will follow up with his recent verbal commitment.

Prayer Requests

• Health and protection for all students and staff. The caretaker's wife, Fatima, is pregnant, pray for normal development and growth of the baby and that Fatima will not get malaria during this time.

• A larger finance base for the school.

• Qualified teachers coming in to the country to teach the higher primary grades.

• For greater discernment and wisdom on my part to take the project to the next level.

• Salvation for Angelina (our new representative), Francisca (has taken an interest in us and is now helping me with some administrative work that needs to be done), and our caretaker and his wife, for the parents of our students and for decisions among the students.

Thank you for your work that keeps me on the field.

Love and Prayers, Noreen